The Florida Keys

From Key Largo to Key West, Chapters Health Hospice meets the end-of-life and chronic illness management needs of the entire Florida Keys community wherever you live. As a community-based, not-for-profit hospice, we keep patients and their families at the heart of everything we do. We provide hospice care focusing on pain control, symptom management, emotional and spiritual support for the individual and the family.

The Chapters Health Hospice team lives and works throughout the entire width and breadth of the Florida Keys. We provide care primarily in the home — whether “home” is a house, condominium, boat, etc. Each patient is unique, and a personalized care plan is developed based on the individual’s needs with input from family members and healthcare professionals.

Chapters Health Hospice offers a full continuum of hospice care to support patients at every stage of illness and disease. In addition, the team offers a number of special programs:

  • Legacy Program: Working with patient and team to create something they would like to be remembered for in life and it remains as a keepsake for the family.
  • Chapters Health Valor Program: Honoring of Veterans and First Responders with a special recognition ceremony.
For more information, please contact Chapters Health Hospice at 305.396.8100.


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